…we had all the toys that we ever wanted as the shop windows were smashed in
and we took what we could carry.
we had tons of lego , playmobil , star wars toys and i got all the dolls that i never had.
the first weeks we ate just candy , chocolate and chips all day.
we had fanta and cola instead of water…


…we were building puppets and other things that would protect us from the bad ones.
they had names and looked quite scary when we hung them around the staircase in the house.
maybe the bad kids and the monsters thought that this place was haunted
and they would get scared and go away…


…we tried to build machines that would cook for us
or machines that would talk.
like a furby or so.
but none of it ever worked…



…we were blinding the windows with clothes and blankets that we found
so nobody from the outside could see that we were there.
groups of kids were crawling the streets in the nights.
we heard things getting smashed and doors getting kicked in…



…we had stopped to wash ourselves as we would stink.
nobody likes to touch someone stinky.
we were hiding our faces under thick scary makeup to look older and dangerous.
we tried not to look like little kids.
we dressed up like some kind of crazy superheroes.
we invented names for us and felt better with our costumes on.
but most of the time we were still afraid…



…other kids had brought their parents outside.
they were putting them on the streets…some of them covered with blankets.
there were flowers and drawings lying next to them.
some of the dead were arranged sitting on the sidewalk
and leaning against a wall with their backs.
they looked as if they were watching television…



…not all the kids were bad.
sometimes we met kids from other groups that we knew and played with them.
sometimes kids stayed over for the night.
the little ones were always crying in the night but we sang songs to them and told them nice stories
so they would not be afraid and sad…